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Our staff work together to create a fun environment in which personal and player development thrive. Every staff member is hired and trained to be a positive mentor and role model to our students

Karissa  Glenn 

BSc (Hons) Communications, 

Advertising and Marketing 

Head Dance Coach 

Karissa has danced on some of NI’s most iconic stages, including Belfast Waterfront, performed in prestigious competitions such as ‘Hip Hop International Ireland’ and choreographed for numerous events, conferences and productions at both a local and national level. At the age of 16, Karissa began teaching weekly classes and workshops in a wide range of schools and youth organisations around the country, and in 2016 she founded her first company, ‘Karisma Dance Academy’.

‘I discovered a love for music and a passion for dance at a young age and began taking classes in everything from Ballet to Irish dancing, but it was only when I ventured into the Hip Hop / Contemporary Street genre that I found my niche! I’ve had the pleasure of teaching dance to hundreds (possibly thousands) of young people over the past 7 years, however seeing the joy of a child conquering a new step or performing for the first time is something I never seem to tire of. I’m delighted to come aboard the Burns Skills School team, who are dedicated not only to improving physical fitness, agility and co-ordination, but also to building confidence and instilling core values such as commitment, resilience and teamwork into the young boys and girls across NI.’

To get in contact with Karissa you can email her at coaching@burnsskillsschool.com

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