5 Star Package  

BSS have developed a unique and innovative curriculum support programme for children and primary schools across Northern Ireland. This package is a complete package of education for schools that not only enables schools to offer equality of opportunity but also integrates learning across 5 areas of the curriculum making relevant connections for children and staff. This package can be included in any schools development plan moving forward as the school is showing a planned & progressive approach to educating their children through an outside provider.

 Bigger Picture (PDMU programme P6)


Through the medium of sport and connecting the Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU) curriculum at the centre of the approach, BSS aims to deliver appropriate holistic learning for each individual young person. This is achieved by targeting key themes that impact, create and shape the foundations for young people to make positive lifestyle choices.

​Healthy Kicks (Healthy Lifestyle P5)


BSS aims to broaden the understanding and importance of regular participation in physical activity along with an increased awareness of how certain components of fitness have relevance to good health and how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. We also connect numeracy and literacy to health within this programme.

Designed to Move (Fundamental Movement Skills P3)

BSS aim to help children understand and develop the core skills of running, jumping, and throwing using a variety of equipment, as well as practicing and developing the skills of handling, hitting and kicking through a range of different activities relevant to games such as invasion, target, court, striking and fielding.

Staff Training

BSS aims to develop and expand the understanding of physical education (PE) among the teaching staff by breaking down the barriers to participation and improving confidence in a non-classroom setting. Each school will be given a physical education syllabus which encapsulates the key aspects of each sport and highlights certain techniques and how they can be implemented.

Cash for Schools 


BSS is very aware of the restraints that schools can face regarding budgets. As part of our ‘5 Star Package’ we will be raising guaranteed money every year for each school that is part of our programme. This will be money that goes entirely and directly towards the school and they have complete control over how it is spent.

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