Our after school dance programme allows children to improve their aerobic and anaerobic fitness. The structure of the programme will see children learning a variety of choreography and routines to increase memory and brain function. the programme also improves mental health by making children feel more connected socially through music which in turn increases self esteem and confidence.



At the end of each dance programme we have our showcase, where the children get to perform their routines they have been working on for their friends and families. This is another great way to boost self esteem and confidence among children. Allowing each child to show off the choreography they have learnt and perform with their peers is so important.

If you would like our unique dance programme at your school please get in contact at We will be more than happy to arrange a meeting and to walk you through what exactly our programme entails and how it benefits your children. This programme is suitable for foundation, key stage 1 and key stage 2 children.

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